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Protecting People's Financial Assets


We have tens of thousands of families that have requested our services and we can't get to them all...and that is where you come in! 

The Lampe Company is part of America’s #1 seller of Mortgage Protection insurance and Final Expense coverage and one of the largest associations of agents and agencies of its kind. We have opportunities in all 50 states and our financial service sales top $150 million.  We need leaders and managers that can teach and train a team of agents too!  

Our company is based on integrity, leadership, family values, teamwork, personal growth and making a difference in the lives of others.  We are looking for individuals that want to earn a great living by doing good for others each and every day...you will make a difference!

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Training and Mentoring is Important! 


Our training has been hailed as the best and most comprehensive in the industry today...focusing on YOU...with over 65+ locations providing weekly training and support as well as ongoing webinars, teleconferences and one-on-one mentors—you will feel confident and know you can do it too!   We will be with you every step of the way.

Our blueprint for success and step-by-step training has been proven to work over and over again!  We are in 50 states and have more leads than we do agents...we need your help!!

When you learn more about us, and the extraordinary success our agents are enjoying, as well as how rapidly many have become agency managers, we know you'll agree that the team you'll want to be on, and grow your business, is the LampeTeam.  We are a family of agents that care about each other's success! 


Success is Often Determined By Which Team You Get On

How often have you noticed that so many peoples’ success is based on getting on a winning team? Being at the right place, at the right time and getting onboard. After all, when you have a choice, don't you want to be on the winning team?

Our sales techniques are proven and the training second to none.  Not to mention the extensive LampeTeam backup support, you'll be equipped with the skills and opportunities to earn a living that is the envy of the insurance industry.  Our easy to follow, step-by-step blueprint has been proven over and over again.

Another critical factor is the genuine camaraderie among all of our agents, agency managers and support staff. You never feel out there alone as a member of the LampeTeam.

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Our National Training and Development Center

LampeTeam Boot Camp
In addition to the excellent support and training, we've raised the bar by providing you with the most extensive ongoing training, mentoring and our own agent support staff that includes trainers, agent mentors, product specialists, and clerical assistants.
You don't have to be an expert to be successful quickly! Custom continuing training, via over 60+ weekly training events throughout the U.S., is provided to all members of the our team. It starts with our pioneering three-day agent Boot Camp – Fasttrack to Success each month in Dallas, TX at our own Development & Training Center. 

Most important, we provide you with on-call Product Specialists and Agent Mentors. You'll be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You will be mentored every step of the way.


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Our Industry-Leading Boot Camp: Fast Track to Income Successsm

Once a month in Dallas, TX, as well as locations throughout the USA, our new agents can attend our Boot Camp. During two days of intense training, you'll rapidly acquire the skills you need to protect families, and in doing so, earn more money than you probably ever imagined.

Bill Lampe and the team’s top income producers, will guide you through a complete step-by-step program to learn to earn money right away. Agents repeatedly say that these were the two most economically important days of their life.

From selling techniques that have proven so successful, they ought to require a weapons permit, to product knowledge, to using the LampeTeam backup support, you're equipped with the skills you need to earn a living that is the envy of the insurance industry. 

Distance Learning: Webinars, Teleseminars, Online Education, Modules


Each and every week, we provide our agents with Webinars, Teleseminars, Online Education and Downloadable Training Modules. Agents share their success stories and techniques that are working for them; selling techniques and stumbling blocks are analyzed; sensational new products are introduced and explained.

Everything done by the LampeTeam is focused on giving you every tool and opportunity needed to grow and prosper.

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Just Some Of The Many Benefits For You

  • Earn a great deal of money part time or full time, tell us your goals!
  • Even if you do it part time, you have the chance to earn a full time income.
  • Set your own schedule and work at your own pace
  • Unlimited potential to become an agency manager and build your own team
  • It's easy, free and confidential for you to apply
  • Fast Track to Success Boot Camp: our intense 2-day program to get you quickly started to make money
  • Continuing education and training
  • Your own mentor to help you every step of the way
  • You're a valued member of the fastest growing nationwide team
  • You're part of a family of agents that truly cares about your growth and success
  • You have the opportunity to rapidly become an agency manager and build your own team
  • It's NOT MLM


Are You Ready To Start Your Dream Life?

If you're ready to start your dream life, we’re ready to welcome you to the LampeTeam.

Bill  and Diane

Bill and Diane Lampe

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